Director // Computer Scientist
Live Performance Technology

Artist Statement

Artist Statement

As an artist and a human being I believe that systems play a much larger role in our lives than we like to admit. Our modern culture is extremely focused on the individual, and tends to lose sight of what lies outside of our control as a result of living within a society and community.

My work seeks to leverage technology in order to crystalize the feeling of being an individual trapped within a society we do not control. What degree of freedom do we really have when the rules of society are constructed by someone else? How do we separate the ends that we desire from the means we must endure to achieve them? How can the invisible mechanisms that rule our world be made into a tangible feeling in your gut?

Technology and theater can combine to create microcosms of our society that we can explore and mold. Together they can deepen our experience of the world around us, rather than detract or distract from it. They can make sensitive those parts of life that time numbs. And through my explorations, I hope to transform technology from a secondary feature of live performance to a component as fundamental as the text.

Kevin M. Karol