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Weekend Projects-Face Lighter and Cheese Cloth Test

Capstone Milestone: Cheese Cloth Test

One of the key components to my upcoming geographically based automated installation piece involves using glow in the dark paint and a UV laser to draw on cheese cloth in a window so that it is visible from the outside. Although theoretically all of these elements should be able to combine to create the desired effect, it wasn’t until this weekend that I had all of the necessary components to do a small test and prove the concept feasible:

cloth_edited from Kevin Karol on Vimeo.

Embedded Lighting for Greek Sing

While playing Frollo in a 15 minute version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, I was looking for a way to make the end of the character’s big number, Hellfire, really pop:

So I threw together an arduino, portable phone charger, 5v battery pack and 1/4 of a neopixel ring to create a rig that could be hidden in a handkercheif and triggered on stage:

The effect was pretty exciting since the LED pixels were bright enough to drown out the stage ligts at close range:

VZWG2410 from Kevin Karol on Vimeo.

Unfortunately, the rig was a bit cumbersome and there wasn’t enough time to run the extra wire needed to mount the heavier parts of the rig somewhere else on my body, and the effect was cut. But it was a fun project none the less.