Director // Computer Scientist
Live Performance Technology

Isn't it Pretty to Think So?

Isn't it Pretty to Think So? utilizes distributed audio and video synchronization to give the audience the power to layer their own mediated experience. It extends Stephen Sondheim’s principle, "Content Dictates Form," into the digital age to explore how technology shapes our culture.

December 10, 2015 8:55 pm Philip Chosky Theater

Isn’t it Pretty to Think So? was developed with support from the Henry Armero Award for Inclusive Creativity. Creative Team

Conceived by Kevin M. Karol
Composer/Conductor Theodore Teichman
Videographer Akiva Krauthamer
Dramaturg Stephanie Kane
Carly Amanda Jerry
Priscilla Samantha Kronenfeld
Henry Garrett Eucker

Violin Kyoko Inagawa
Viola Veronica Lopez
Percussion Jude Caminos

Production Team
Presented by CMU Playground