Director // Computer Scientist
Live Performance Technology

The Consultants

The threat is imminent, and only you can stop it. The NSA has gained access to an encrypted device that contains the details of a terrorist plot, and you have been hired to break through the device’s security measures and piece together their plan so that they can be stopped.

In this new participatory theater piece you are at the center of the action as you use your cell phone to move your avatar, decrypt phone calls/text messages/emails and gather information.

But be warned, other agencies are also hard at work, and they will ruthlessly defend their turf in pur- suit of a lucrative defense contract.

A fusion of strategy, code breaking and technological prowess, every audience member will have a unique experience as they attempt to put the pieces together and save the day.

The Consultants allows audience members to move pieces around a projected gameboard using text message, and information is syncronized over two team laptops and the projected game board using web sockets. As audience members acquire more resources, they recieve phone calls, text messages, emails, and documents through which they must piece together the story.

The Consultants premiered at The Brick Theater Company under the title Long Live the King as part of the 2014 Gameplay Festival